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Where’s Waldo? has a surprising amount of backstory. Did you know that Waldo’s dog Woof was originally owned by his girlfriend Wilma? We’re glad Wilma didn’t object to Waldo taking over. Woof hails from…wait for it…the Land of Woofs, a place where hundreds of nearly identical red-and-white striped dogs do dog things together. (We imagine that is where evil squirrels go when they die as punishment.) Woof is famous for his timid demeanor and trademark bone, which he’s known to misplace. If only someone were willing to find it for him…Is your dog like a cartoon character? When he’s lost do you have a sudden and inexplicable urge to search for him? Does he look good in horizontal stripes? Don’t answer those questions, they are rhetorical. The only question you should take seriously is this: wouldn’t you love to dress up your dog as Woof from Where’s Waldo? If you answered no then we’re not quite certain what can be done for you, but if you said yes you’re in great luck! The Waldo Woof Dog Costume is the canine take on Waldo’s iconic look. With the signature red and white shirt, beanie, and glasses, this dog costume is sure to delight adults and children alike. Did you know Where’s Waldo? is turning 30 this year? We thought there was something wrong with us because we hadn’t found Waldo even once in those three decades — until someone pointed out to us that we were actually looking at Magic Eye books.


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