Toy Story Rex Inflatable Costume for Adults


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Rex and the CityIf you’re anything like Rex, you may be a bit…anxious…about finding the perfect Halloween costume. You may “channel surf,” hoping for a hint of inspiration from commercials or to study the latest trends, you may ask everyone’s opinions, you may try to calculate the best outcome. But relax! There’s only one look for a truly ferocious dino like you…This Toy Story Rex Inflatable Costume for Adults, of course! Take it out on the town and live it up like only Rex can. Your short arms may mean you’ll have to learn some new dance moves, but it’s worth it to become your favorite character from Toy Story. Now, all you need to do is brush up on that roar, because when people see a T-rex coming, they expect to be scared, and we know that in that past, that hasn’t been Rex’s strong suit. Oh, and you may want to toughen up your skull…you never know when you’ll need to be used as a battering ram!Product DetailsThis licensed look is taken straight from the films, and turns your time as a T-rex into a 4-D adventure! Don’t worry about bad imitations and cheap knock-offs—this look is the real deal. Just look at that face; is that not the spitting image of Rex? This costume inflates to perfect dino proportions and creates a Rex-ready look from snout to tail. You’ll want to try to approximate his signature voice, too, because Rex is one famous and beloved dinosaur!Dino-miteNow that you’ve got this costume on, your social media feeds will really blow up (get it, it’s an inflatable costume…blow up…get it?)! Just avoid parties where there may be scarier dinosaurs afoot; we know you have it in you, Rex, but we like you loveable, just as you are!


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