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You can’t pull guard duty if you can’t see anything! Do you think the enemy is just going to wave at you politely until they get your attention, or maybe even light a flare so they really stand out? If you’re really lucky, a patrol of bad guys might just stroll by your post in broad daylight, so you can call in reinforcements and chase them off and be a big shot hero. As nice as that sounds, you’re going to have to do a little more work than that, soldier!These Toy Binoculars will help give you an edge in tracking the enemy while out in the field! While they aren’t as powerful or sturdy as real military-issue gear, they are still fully functional and provide magnification, at a fraction of the cost. They also include a carrying pouch to attach to your belt, so when you’re suiting up in a military, police, or explorer costume, these babies will get the job done!


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