Toucan Sam Costume for Adults


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On Saturday morning these days, what do you find yourself doing? Are you doing chores, like mowing the lawn and paying bills? Are you finally getting to that laundry that’s been piling up in the hamper? There used to be a much simpler way of spending a Saturday morning, that was fun, delicious and the highlight of your week.Yes, remember those days when Saturday morning was reserved for Saturday morning and a giant bowl of breakfast cereal. You’d rush to the cupboard, see Toucan Sam’s smiling face looking back at you and you’d pour Froot Loops to the very top of the bowl. Then after a splash of milk, you’d hurry to the TV and prepare for a few hours of the latest cartoons. What happened to those days?It’s time to rekindle the spirit of those days. It’s time to bring the joys of fruity flavor and cartoon characters to the world! It’s time for this Toucan Sam costume, officially licensed from Kellogg’s. The costume comes with a blue tunic with stylized sleeves that look like wings. It also includes a pair or orange pants with matching shoe covers. The headpiece has a soft-sculpted Toucan Sam face designed into it. Combine all the pieces together and you’ll be ready to follow your nose to fruity flavor!Once you have it on, you can teach everyone about the importance of breakfast and deliciousness, or you can head out on some adventures with Puey, Susey and Louis.


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