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The walking stick is a key feature of many wise and well known figures. What did Moses turn into a snake to scare the pants off the pharaoh? What did Yoda reflectively nibble on while he was dispensing homespun Jedi wisdom? And what was Gandalf the Grey’s go-to weapon when he squared off against the Balrog? Nothing says “I might need a little help walking but I could still totally whoop you” like a good walking stick. Are we right or what?If your toddler is going after the wise warrior look, it just won’t do unless they have our Walking Stick in hand. It’s soft and plushy, so they’re not going to do any damage with it, and it’s bendy and moldable so you can get that cool crooked driftwood look. Pair it with a number of toddler costumes so your little one looks as wise as a little one could look.


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