Toddler Miles from Tomorrowland Classic Costume

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If your kid has been begging you to be Miles from Tomorrowland for Halloween, chances are you’re well-versed in the Miles from Tomorrowland Disney XD show and the blastastic adventures of the Callisto family. Miles, along with MERC, his pet robo-ostrich (how cool is that?) and his friend Blodger Blopp (pretty much looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters), get into all sorts of space-troubles in far away corners of the universe. And Miles’ scientist mom and dad or his brainy sister are always ready to help out if the asteroids get too big to handle. Here at long last is your kid’s chance to not just watch those adventures, but take part in them! Suit up in this interstellar jumpsuit with galactic armor and supernova blast buckle for a black hole of solar powered fun (okay we may have thrown a few extra space words in there, but can you blame us for a little Hubble trouble?). Of course, we don’t yet have the technology to send him to other planets, at least not yet. But while you feed your little one’s passion for the final frontier, scientists are busy trying to send people to Mars. Imagine if you could send your own kid to Mars! Some day, when your little Miles is all grown up, he may be sitting in his rocket ship ready for blast off to colonize another planet, the only space-technoengineer who can get the job done, and he’ll think back to where it all began: when he got to dress up as a great space adventurer as a kid. Let’s rocket!


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