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Earthworms have the life. They get to wriggle and squirm all day and they get to play in the mud as much as they want. Wait a second…does that sound a little like someone you know? A certain toddler, perhaps? It’s no secret that most toddlers have a bit more in common with an earthworm than we’d like to admit, but we think you should just embrace it. This Toddler Earthworm Costume embraces the down and dirty lifestyle of the worm by making your little one look like his favorite squishy squiggler.This costume is just as easy to toss on as it is fun to run around in. Simply toss the hooded tunic on your child and have him slip on the above-knee stockings. Then the transformation is complete! He’ll be ready to burrow into the dirt in no time! The tunic body has plenty of padding and is quilted to show different segments, and the stockings match the same pinkish hue of the rest of the costume. Take him around the block this Halloween so he can gather up plenty of candy. He’ll need as much as he can get to boost his energy for some extreme digging!Grab this Toddler Earthworm Costume and have the cutest squirmer this side of the top soil. This costume is also available in child and adult sizes, which mean that the whole family can go out as a squirm of worms! Be sure to make plenty of dirt pies, an earthworm’s favorite snack to munch down on.


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