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Back in the olden days, one of the biggest reasons to even have kids was so you could have tons of free help when it came to running your homestead. Needed more hands in the fields? Just had to have some more kids! Didn’t have fields but had a lot of kids? There were factories that were happy to pay top dollar to have those nimble little hands work long hours at running their machines!And so, sure, it wasn’t exactly the most heartwarming or loving way to start a family, but let’s face it: Every now and again, parent, we all wish we could bring back the days when we could just treat kids like tiny adults and expect them to earn their keep. Think about it! Wouldn’t it be nice to just turn to that 3 yr old and say, “Hey. That food yer eatin’ costs money. And you got yourself a 3 year deficit that you better start workin’ off with some light housekeeping.” *throws them a scrubbing brush* “Now get to washin’ and polishin’ that floor!” But we can’t, because while that’s entertaining when it happens to a bunch of singing rag-tag orphans or street urchins, these days? Social Services does not take kindly to child labor.So honestly, the best you can hope for is getting your little one this Toddler Chef Costume and hope that it inspires them to take up the family cooking, all on its own. Which might not be that big a pip dream, because just look at this costume – your tiny buddy will feel just like an authentic culinary master in the chef’s toque hat, official-looking white poplin jacket, and black & white homespun gingham pants. Who wouldn’t put this on and think, “Hey, you know what? I’ve been spending most of my young life just sitting around, when I could have been spending that time in the kitchen, learning how to whip up a soufflĂ©, or, at the very least, teaching myself how to get my own cereal ready when it’s breakfast time.” And then you just give them a little encouraging push, and before you know it, your child is cooking and serving all of your family’s meals! Genius!


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