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Cue the theme music! Duna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna Scorpion Dog! Here he comes! He’s racing in from his fluffy little dog bed in the living room to save the day. The big bowl of macaroni and cheese that you accidentally spilled all over the kitchen floor doesn’t stand a chance against this fearless and furry brute. Scorpion dog will gladly come to the rescue. He’ll gobble up every single macaroni, scarf down every morsel of cheese, lick up any residue left on the floor until it’s spotless because he’s Scorpion Dog and his purpose in life is to eat anything that may unintentionally fall on the floor!If you feel that your pup would be the perfect Scorpion Dog, then outfit your four-legged friend in this costume. You’ll love watching him waddle to the rescue while sporting a stinger and two big meaty claws. In fact, anyone who is lucky enough to see Scorpion Dog in action won’t be able to resist cracking a smile!


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