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I SAY, I SAY, WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE?The ability to walk into a room and immediately command attention, respect, and even a bit of authority doesn’t come easily for all kinds of creatures. Even the proverbial king of the jungle just causes critters to go running for the shadows. The rat gets ignored, the donkey is laughed at, and, well, the tomcat basically has no chance! However, for all his odd appearance, the rooster is the one with the walk that keeps it all in line! Not only does he start by telling the humans when it is time to get up and get to work, but that vibrant plumage and aggressively certain attitude assures him that the rest of the animal kingdom is very likely to back down. (Even if it is because they just can’t get a word in edgewise and the repeated crowing is pretty loud!) So, might have been an unexpected choice, but when you’re looking to rule the henhouse, the rooster is the way to go! DESIGN & DETAILSYou can’t have your guise falling when you’re in the middle of taking charge. Thankfully you can trust our hard-working design team that gets up before the crow every day to ensure that these flawless designs will last day in and out. This exclusive Rooster Costume features a full-body faux fur jumpsuit with jagged wing-shaped sleeves and wired tail feathers for perfectly posing your plumage. The headpiece is a soft-sculpted rooster face with the iconic crest and the jumpsuit legs end in with elastic cuffs that fit under the knee-high webbed rooster foot shoe covers.WALK PROUD AND TALLStrut your rooster self when you walk into any room or henhouse in this exclusive Rooster Costume. You will know for sure that all the hens are waiting on your every word and even the coyotes will be taking notice at your crows.


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