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Once, when we were cleaning out some storage space in the office, several of us couldn’t help but feel chills crawling up our spines. There was something wrong. Something was watching us. We reported the problem and were given cameras and devices to record white noise, suspecting ghosts. Hauntings aren’t uncommon in the office, of course, and most of them are just particularly curious how we manage to so flawlessly apply makeup to undead or spectral skin. (Turns out that mirrors and makeup isn’t so common in the afterlife.) They weren’t ghosts, though, that had been giving us the heebie-jeebies. They were the dolls. And they were staring.Trust us, there is nothing more terrifying than seeing almost-human faces glaring at you across a dark room. You immediately begin to question if there are more than you can see. How many dolls are watching, you begin to wonder. Ugh, skin is crawling just reporting this!Fortunately, not all animated dolls are terrifying. There are a few that are not only friendly but team up to kick the butts of the freaky ones. You can join ranks in defeating the evil haunted dolls by donning the regalia of the most friendly that we know in this Raggedy Ann costume, available in many sizes from toddler and up. The memorable calico dress and elastic-band broadcloth pants give you and your family that adorable appearance and the yarn hair cap completes the transformation into the unexpected, friendly warriors against terror. Couple up with Andy or make a whole team with your kids. Save us from the wicked dolls! Please!


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