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Oh, geez. There you go again…looking at all the CUTEST possible outfits to put on your already precious baby. It’s not enough that your baby looks like a cherub and sleeps 15 hours a day? You have to throw a cute costume into the mix?What’s the deal? Are you trying to win some kind of “cutest baby costume contest” or something? Oh…you are? For real? Wait…THE WINNER GETS HOW MUCH? Hang on, hon. We’ve got your winning outfit right here. This Lil’ Monkey Costume is hands (and opposable thumbs) down the freaking cutest costume you can put a baby into. Trust us. We’ve put a lot of babies in a lot of costumes. Plus, it totally works with his or her rambunctious personality. Ack, ack, eek, eek your little one often howls into the night. PERFECT. You can use that for the talent portion of the competition. Transform your baby into something that belongs on a cute-fest calendar just by adding this cozy jumpsuit.. And, just to make sure you win this thing, this look comes with a hood with monkey ears (ahhh! So sweet!) and a long monkey tail (you’re killin’ us). We are glad you’ve opted for this look for your little monkey! If you win, we’ll go absolutely bananas. And take 5% for the brainstorming help, thank you very much.


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