Girls Frozen Elsa Ultra Prestige Costume


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You thought the Frozen obsession was a phase. You thought it was over. You thought fyou could finally, actually, truly, honestly Let. It. Go! Sorry, parent. Because this Elsa costume is here to let you know that Frozen just might live on forever. But for the first time in forever (sorry, the songs are just so catchy!) your little girl has the chance to truly shine as her most favorite Disney princess, Elsa! She’ll be bouncing off the walls in her beautiful ice blue Elsa dress, possibly trying to freeze you when you make her go to bed. But winter is coming and pretty soon she’ll be begging you to go outside and asking if you want to build a snowman.Yes, you’ve said multiple times that you are going to go crazy if you have to hear Let It Go one more time but you still find yourself singing along, right? And you haven’t gone crazy just yet not even when you hear your kiddo as she bursts into song along with her heroine for the gazillionth time that day. Sure, you’re sick and tired of Frozen. You’ve even tried hiding the DVD in various places around the house but somehow she always finds it. At this point, you’d hate to add any snow to the snow pile but it’s what makes her happy. And isn’t this Disney bliss better than her eventual rebellious phase? For now, just enjoy the smile on her face as she plays Elsa one more time. Soon enough she’ll grow out of it and you’ll actually miss it!Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of pictures of her wearing this gorgeous blue gown to gaze after your little girl drives off to borrow your car for the first time. The sheer sleeves and cape are sure to leave their mark on her memory. Who knows, she might even secretly listen to that old soundtrack as she’s driving heading off to her Freshman year of college!


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