Game of Thrones Lannister 30×50 Banner


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A Lannister always pays his debts… and, well, they usually have some pretty sweet swag to give away too! Take, for example, this Lannister bannister. Normally, you’d have to travel to Westeros and get in the good graces of Lord of Casterly Rock to get one of these puppies, but we’ve done the dirty work for you. So you can just order it from us! (We’re not going to say just what we did for the Lannister clan that earned us enough of these banners to sell though!)So, if you’re looking to up the ante on your Game of Thrones costume party, make sure you have this banner flying high for all to see. You could coordinate it with our other banners to show off the other great houses of Westeros, or you could just display it to show off that you’re having a shindig suited for the lion-hearted only. Even if you’re not planning a Westeros themed event, we’re sure this vertical banner will look great in your fan cave while you’re eagerly awaiting the next season. Rally the realm… and show off your fandom with this officially licensed banner!


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