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Not everyone is able to pull off wearing the color fuchsia. It is a very loud color that screams “Hey, look at me right now!” But we have a theory that the reason most people don’t know how to pull off electric colors like fuchsia is because they either have never tried to, or there were just so many neon clothes in the 80s that a couple generations have developed fuchsia burn-out. But watch out, because brightly colored outfits are making a comeback, baby, so you’d better get ready to strut your stuff! Check out how your legs look in these hot Fuchsia Tights! They are 100% nylon so they will stretch comfortably over your legs, and will look great along with similarly loud-colored skirts or shorts, or as part of an 80s themed costume! Or we suppose you could wear them over your head if you are in a glam-rock-themed bank robbing gang.


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