Formal Tuxedo Dog Costume

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Oh, hi there. How are you doing, good chap? My name is Mr. Jasper Dandeloons III. You might be wondering why a distinguished canine, such as myself, would be wearing formal wear. You see, I hold myself to the utmost standards when presenting my appearance to the world. I am a dog of high class, not to be confused with the type of mongrels who walk around drinking from the toilet. I attend high society galas with my master, where I am the instant star of the party. If I was wearing nothing but my birthday suit, well, I don’t have to explain to you how embarrassing that would be for me, or my master. I do solemnly swear by this outfit, as I have worn it on many occasions to various functions, so I can say without the utmost doubt that it would behoove your dog greatly to have this in his repertoire of clothing to wear. Now, excuse me while I go eat some cocktail shrimp that has been erroneously misplaced upon the floor. – Letter from Mr. Jasper Dandeloons IIIThat’s right! If your dog needs attire that will have him looking as dapper as Mr. Jasper Dandeloons III, then look no further than this formal tuxedo dog costume. It features an elegant look that should turn any pooch into a proponent of high culture. It’s perfect for galas, costume parties or any other time where your little doggy needs to look his best.


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