Dogs Carrying Piano Costume for Pets


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There’s a definite reason they say a dog is man’s best friend. For arguments sake (though we’re sure you agree with us) let’s take a critical look at those humans you publicly call your best buddies. First off, let’s talk about Hank. Sure, he’s not the type to complain on an overly hot day and he keeps you occupied on the weekends but how many times has he actually come through for you when you asked. When you need a favor Hank seems to go temporarily deaf which used to alarm you, of course, but now you’re used to it. Now, we don’t want to be cruel but in order to be fair we ought to cast a critical eye at Wanda. Wanda of the funny texts. Dear Wanda of the late night pizza feasts. Wanda may help you with a favor but you can be sure she’ll remind you of how she worked for days afterward. She’s happy to move that couch with you but don’t be surprised if a year later she remarks on how her back hurts then wondered if it had something to do with helping you move furniture. That’s where your pooch comes in. Sure, your dog’s energetic desire to help might seem useless with their lack of opposable thumbs but it’s the thought that counts, right? Well, next time you’re moving make Fido feel important with this costume that’ll make him look like he’s carrying a piano with a friend. That’s right, you might be sweating alone with all your boxes but at least your best friend is by your side, darting back and forth with that big black piano!


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