Dawn of Justice Adult Affordable Armored Batman Mask


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Have you ever thought about getting into the superhero game? It takes a lot of careful planning an decision making, especially when there are super-powered Kryptonians flying around. Not only do you need to train your body to the physical limit, but you also need to make sure that you’re wearing the right gear.You need to make sure that you have the kind of helmet that says, “I can totally fight you without super powers.” The normal Batman cowl just won’t do. You need something that’s a little bit more… This Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Mask is just what the doctor ordered! Based on the one worn by Ben Afleck (or Bat-fleck, if you will), it recreates the armored style seen in the climatic battle in the Batman v Superman movie. Once you have it on, Supes will have to take you seriously, since this mask makes you look like one tough hombre, straight out of Gotham City.


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