Clifford the Big Red Dog Costume for Adults


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Please allow us to blow your mind for a moment…what if Clifford wasn’t a big red dog? What if he were a big blue dog instead? Or crazier yet, what if he were a big blue cat? Also… why is Clifford red? We’re not as confused about his size as we are about his color. His size can be explained. Perhaps the pup ingested a magic potion? Totally feasible! But how in the world did he get his fire-engine red fur?Oh well, it doesn’t matter how Clifford got his vibrant red coat because Clifford’s most lovable trait isn’t his appearance; it’s his personality. Even if Clifford were bright blue, or lime green, or banana yellow, or dark purple, Clifford would still be a loyal friend to Emily Elizabeth and we would still consider him the best all-around pet.If you want to experience life as the best pet in (perhaps) the history of pets and you’re also curious about what it would feel like to look in the mirror and see a big red dog, then this is the costume for you. Our exclusive Clifford the Big Red Dog costume changes adults into a spectacular sight of epic proportions. Just step inside the hooded suit with attached mitts and shoe covers, zip it up, and set out on an adventure of your own. Create your own story. We think the title Clifford Goes to A Halloween Party is perfect!


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