Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe Costume for Girls


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Captain Jack Sparrow has really seen it all on his adventures as a pirate. He’s crossed swords with Barbossa, tangled with a deadly Kraken and he’s even stolen treasure right from under the nose of the villainous Captain Blackbeard. That’s just what happens when you scour the high seas for the most magnificent treasures that the world has to offer. Your girl might not have quite the experience that Jack Sparrow does, but we’re willing to bet that she has the kind of attitude required to become the next great pirate captain!This deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow costume is a girl’s costume that allows your young adventurous lass to assume the role of the legendary captain from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. It comes with tunic with an attached jacket that gives your girl a signature pirate look. The costume also includes a faux fur tail and sash, along with two belts. Once your girl is all geared up in it, she’ll be ready to step foot on the Black Pearl for her very first adventure as a swashbuckling pirate captain!Just remember that your girl is definitely going to need a reliable first mate to join her on her journeys, so you might want to check out some of our adult Pirates of the Caribbean costumes to make the perfect parent child combination. Who knows, you may even find yourself embroiled in an epic quest to find the Fountain of Youth, or a cache of cursed gold!


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