Bruiser Bonez the Skeleton Dog


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The most amazing thing about a dog is how loyal one can be. They’ll stick by your side through thick and thin. Through one life and on to the next they will always be there for you. Just like ole Bruiser Bonez the Skeleton Dog here. This pup may have had a “ruff” day or two but that won’t stop him from standing at your side. Bruiser is as loyal as they come! Instead of running around in the endless fields of doggy heaven all he wants to do is help you have the greatest haunted house ever for this upcoming Halloween.You can place this bonehead at your front door to greet all your guests as well as to make sure that no mailmen get too close to your home. You could also just have him casually hanging out in your living room with a collection of more skeletal creatures. Go on and take a look through the rest of the skeleton props we have in stock! Just make sure that Bruiser doesn’t start chewing on any of the other animals’ bones.


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