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It must be a lonely life for Bigfoot. There can’t be many of his kind out there although he’s been seen among the mountains, in the flat plains, and even in the rural American mid-west. What animals does he communicate with? We’d imagine the squirrels are way too chatty and the deer would be too skittish to get close to the giant hairy man-beast. Maybe that’s why he is sometimes seen stalking the outskirts of farms or lingering near popular trails, he just wants to make a friend that won’t take a picture of him and post it on the internet. It’s not like Bigfoot doesn’t want to be a part of society. It’s said that he’s made several attempts to get involved throughout history. At the height of the lumberjack era, Bigfoot was spotted log rolling on a river with some plaid clad friends. About a decade later Bigfoot was spotted near that same river, hoeing a vegetable garden while an extremely hairy and long armed toddler played nearby. While no one has reported any sightings from that area since, it’s said that, hundreds of years later, many of the locals can grow impressive Auburn facial hair and seem quite tall and ape like. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions. If you want to celebrate Bigfoot’s social side then you’ll love this remarkable ensemble. This jumpsuit has lush brown fur with tough looking chest and stomach pads. The sleeves are finished by paw like gloves with orange finger pads and the shoe covers have padded toes. You’ll feel cozy whether you’re indoors or wandering through the woods with a furry hood and molded face mask. Now, if you really want to get popular we suggest log rolling. Who knows, you might even get your own ad campaign!


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