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Mermaid for Each OtherYour girl doesn’t like playing with her Barbies anymore. Now, she wants to play as her Barbies! It’s seriously SO much more fun. Her friends come over and they act out their favorite scenes, dressing up in different outfits and giggling the whole time. It’s a phase all Barbie-lovers go through. Don’t worry, she’ll go back to loving dressing up her dolls, but for now, keep your nice clothes tucked away out of sight and keep the camera at the ready to snap pics of her most unforgettable looks! As Halloween approaches, we’re not surprised to see her Barbie love fueling your girl’s costume search. That’s why we have this Barbie Mermaid Costume for Girls—not only can she dress like a Barbie this Halloween, but she can dress like the Barbie of her dreams! Watch her eyes light up as you hand her this licensed look. No more scrounging in your closet, she can finally look just like her beloved Barbie doll, instantly!Product DetailsThis look encapsulates everything your girl loves about her Barbies—glam clothes, bright colors, and fanciful personas! It’s a mermaid-inspired dress with a tulle “tail” hem and an elaborate collar piece that mimics beads, shells, and gems. The coordinated headpiece is pink and perks her attention even further! The golden “scale” print on the skirt makes your girl’s legs look like a mermaid tail, and will look great with glittery flats or other fancy footwear. Your daughter’s heart will flutter when she finally gets to become her favorite Barbie in this look!Sea QueenKnowing your girl, she’ll be the ruler of the merpeople in no time! Cool! Whatever games she gets up to, let her imagination soar. After all, she’ll only be your little mermaid for so long; help her enjoy every minute!


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