Animal Jam Awesome Funny Fox Hoodie for Girls


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warm and fuzzy adventureDoes your little one love to play the National Geographic game, Animal Jam? We get it, there’s plenty to do in this colorful game. Your kids can dress up all sorts of characters that are animals from the wild. Like the explorer’s from the National Geographic company, your child can explore the virtual world of Jamaa. They can even stage a dance party with a sloth, a hawk, and a penguin. Their Animal Jam life is fun enough, why not let them bring their characters to real life? This adorable fox hoodie is there to bring your child’s favorite characters to your neighborhood. Maybe your child will find that a real-life dance party is much more fun than the one online!Product DetailsThis pastel-colored hat will let your child instantly transform into their favorite Animal Jam character in no time. The soft, plush purple fabric is lined with a satiny print fabric. The top of the hat has a plush purple and yellow nose and large ears that are tempting to cuddle. It has giant eyes with purple lining around the huge pupils so you can see this fox’s expression from far away. Animal Lover’s UniteEvery animal lover can get into the Nat Geo Animal Jam game. This hat is great for all sorts of occasions. She’ll stay cozy on a chilly Halloween night or pop it on for a trip to the zoo. So get out there and watch what happens when you let the citizens of Jamma loose!


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