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Howdy, Partner! So you’re thinking of buying this rootin’ tootin’ Adult Woody Kit. We get it: cowboys are sexy, capable, and a heck of a lot more fun than a certain lightweight astronaut who will remain unnamed. You’ll certainly be the most sought-after moving buddy around wearing this! Even so, it’s not unheard of for strange things to happen around people wearing this Adult Woody Kit… so don’t be surprised if you’re in this costume and you suddenly find snakes in your boots, spacemen in your spot, and little Bo Peep in your arms. You’ll no doubt have all the ladies falling in style for you!There are many features that make this Adult Woody Kit Andy’s favorite costume. The printed cowhide on the vest is not only stylish, but also makes excellent camouflage when you’re rustling your herds. The printed handkerchief sets off the colors of the costume, attracts the ladies, and keeps the dust out of your face when you ride Bullseye across the frontier. And the lightweight foam hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while providing you with the perfect way to connect with your favorite toy!


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