Adult Holiday Elf Costume

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You can’t have Christmas without three essential things: egg nog, cookies, and Santa Claus. But Santa couldn’t do his job without his helper elves working their magic! Dress up as one of the real heroes of the holidays in our exclusive Holiday Elf Costume, and enjoy the festivities in style!The life of a holiday elf has got to be cheerful and full of magic. They get to live in the North Pole, make toys, and their boss is a jolly old fella who drives a flying sleigh, for crying out loud! But we’d bet it’s also extremely hard work, especially when it gets close to Christmas, and the pressure of deadlines starts weighing on them. And it’s probably not like elves get to play with all of those toys they’ve been making (they are at work, after all), and as jolly as Santa seems to us, he probably gets a little grouchy when he’s trying to get those last minute preparations in order. But that doesn’t stop all the elves from throwing a huge party the day after Christmas to unwind before work for the next year starts, and we bet nobody parties as hard as an elf after the holidays!You can party as hard as an elf, too, in our fun and festive costume! It comes with everything you’ll need to look Christmasy at your holiday parties (or to confuse everyone at a Halloween party). We also make this in kids and toddler sizes, so your friends and family can spread some seasonal spirit together! And definitely don’t forget the cookies and egg nog…


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