Adult Grand Heritage Obi Wan Kenobi Costume


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We know the beginning: A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away… It’s traumatic to sit back, love the tales of Star Wars and watch with rapture at the ancient religion come to life amidst the Jedi… and then think that not only is this ancient past but also not anywhere near where we all grew up! How did we all get such awful luck to be born in both the wrong time and place? We’ve all tried squinting our eyes and focusing on pencils, willing the Force to come to us. The luckiest of us watched the pencil move when our dogs hit the table legs. A few of us barely survived our hearts stopping in that brief moment of belief!But, Yoda tells us that the Force is everywhere. Well, he told Luke that, but we’re pretty sure that Yoda was talking to the global ‘you’ when he said, “You must feel the Force.” So, we should all keep trying. If, indeed, the Force is as big and omnipresent as the Jedi Council and the mighty Masters and teachers there say, surely it is here on Earth and in this time as well. All we need is to come upon one mentor who can guide us on the path to the Light side of the Force!And you can not only be that mentor but be one of the best ones in all of history. With this Adult Grand Heritage Obi Wan Kenobi costume, you step into the role of the most epic battles for another galaxy and can bring that fight for balance right here to Earth. Begin with the iconic tan tunic with Velcro fastening along the front opening and the light cream trousers with a comfortable elastic waist. That might be enough for the look, but you’ll be even more the picture of Kenobi in his wide-sleeved, long hooded orange robe. The droids here on Earth shouldn’t recognize you… but, even if they do, you’ll be more than prepared with your glowing blue 3 foot lightsaber. Guide the young padawans and younglings into our own epic future, Master Kenobi. May the Force be with you… literally!


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