Adult Get Real Loaded Hot Dog Costume


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We don’t know about you, but we’ve a soft spot for junk food. We’re talking fries, sloppy joes, doughnuts, burgers… it’s all amazing. So juicy. Such tasty flavors. They’re our favorite foods from carnivals, fairs, and diners. The good stuff. Corn dogs, kettle corn, milkshakes, cheese curds, funnel cakes… wow. We’re getting hungry. What were we talking about again?Oh yes, junk food. The stuff we treat ourselves to when we’re out at a baseball games or a grill-out. And missing from this list? Who could forget the hot dog? This iconic little sausage-in-a-bun has been around for decades. Popular from street-vendors to sporting events, this tasty finger-food can be garnished with any of your favorite relishes. That’s what makes hot dogs one of our favorites. Not only are they tasty, everyone can personalize them with their favorite toppings. Everybody gets exactly what they want on their steamy weenies. Dang it. We’re getting hungry again.We love hot dogs so much we even have a costume for them. Our Adult Get Real Loaded Hot Dog Costume is 100 percent polyester. It has a hot-dog-shaped foam tunic with the picture of a fully garnished hot dog printed over top. Check out that onion, relish, and mustard! You’ll look downright appetizing in this outfit. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re pretty sure it’s break time somewhere and we’re think we saw a vendor outside…


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