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*Overheard at Our Office Water Cooler: A One-Act Play*Winnie: I really want to dress as my all-time fave princess for Halloween. Powder blue is so my color. But glass slippers? No way! I’m running the marathon in a month; I can’t afford a foot injury.Maribelle: I feel you. I’ve been having a really intense princess-nostalgia-fest going on myself, these days. I binge watched all my favorites animated films last weekend.Winnie: You said you were out of town last weekend.Maribelle: Did I? Oh…I must have my weekends mixed up. Anyway, you know we have the perfect product for you, right?Winnie: (scrolling through phone) You texted me, “Sorry I can’t come eat pizza with you and your cat; I’m in Orlando.”Maribelle: Focus up! The Adult Clear Shoes we sell would solve all your problems. They look like glass, but are actually lucite, with a faux leather interior and anti-slip soles. They even have a cute butterfly on the toe!Winnie: Wow. “Glass” slippers that I can wear comfortably and that my cat won’t knock over and break?Maribelle: I know, right? Just don’t leave one anywhere, these babies are far more useful than finding a prince.*END SCENE*


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