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The cat burglar is a master of disguise, class, and well, paradoxes. Because sometimes she needs to fit in with the upper class. Sexy crime-fighting, sometimes-criminal, buglers can’t just have any ol’ do. They need to be able to blend in when necessary (in the posh homes of the Hollywood Hills) but also stand out-you know, when prowling the streets for Mr. Purrfect. You’ll be able to do both with this Adult Catwoman Wig. It’s a long, luscious wig made of synthetic auburn hair, featuring a lace mesh-lined interior. Best part? It’s officially licensed, so you know the Catwoman herself would approve of the duality of this wig: sleek but casual, low-profile but attractive, somehow still aerodynamic-for all your favorite feline acrobatics. Save some of your spoils to share with us, yeah?


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