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PRACTICE THOSE POSESImagine two energetic and optimistic slackers being the hope for humanity’s future. Well, that might be a little far-fetched… unless, of course, they are part of the Wyld Stallyns. We’re not precisely sure how their music actually inspires all people in the future to bind together and create an optimistic world for all… but, our own future selves have already proven that it’s going to happen. So… Get your air-guitar skills moving because you’re going to have to practice a ton if you’re going to become one of the Wyld Stallyns that are fated to bring about a true utopia in the 27th century. Of course, before you can even hope to get that far, you’re going to have to make sure that you’ve studied up for that history exam. You can’t get by on just your looks for that kind of a momentous occasion. The whole future depends on your success, after all!DESIGN & DETAILSYou can’t be expected to get all that practicing complete and maintain your own effortless look at once. To help you save us all, our designers have crafted the perfect look for rocking ease with this officially licensed Bill Costume from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Start off with a custom print blue and black pockmarked button-up shirt, worn loose of course, and a pair of equally baggy light blue pants and rest at your hips with elastic. The pants feature Bill’s quizzical taste in decor with the upside-down question-mark that looks like red paint. We do recommend some frizzy hair and bright red-tied sneakers, though! NEXT STEP: PRINCESSESOnce you’ve got your musical talents ready and are secure in your casually heroic looks thanks to this officially licensed costume, you’ll be on your way to saving our future. Just make sure you make a pit stop to find Bill and, of course, the princesses destined to join the band. Go Wyld Stallyns!


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