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There’s a small part of us that’s sad about how Disney’s Beauty and the Beast ended. Sure, Belle’s pure love for the Prince turns him back into his stunningly handsome self, but we think the Beast was kind of a handsome stud as the beast. He was furry with cool horns and he still had those baby blue eyes that were totally dreamy. The whole point of the story was about accepting love despite what the outer appearances might be, right? Well, here’s your chance to relive the tale as the big fuzzy Beast that we all fell in love with!This Beast Mask comes straight from the animated Disney film! It allows you to have the dashing good looks (yeah, we think that his cursed form was handsome) of the Beast. The mask has all the molded features from the cartoon, like his eyes, nose and big toothy grin. It even has those little brown horns jutting out of the sides. You’ll be ready to find yourself a Belle of your own! (We’d like to remind you that kidnapping is illegal in most states and countries, but it’s also a really awful way to charm a woman. We suggest flowers and a nice dinner date instead.)


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