Adult Alice Costume

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Feeling a bit adventurous these days? How about you go and find yourself the next furry white rabbit you see and navigate a new and wonderful world? But be sure to stick together; Wonderland is a crazy place! Don’t you just wish you could jump into your favorite storybook and feel like a kid again? Imagine it; rather than going to the financial planning meeting or having to make awkward small talk with Ted from IT during yet another “birthday cake in the break room” celebration, you could be diving deep into a fantastical alternate realm, feeling giddier and giddier as things get curioser and curioser by the minute! C’mon, it can be fun to shed all that proper etiquette for a spell–and slipping into this Adult Alice Costume may inspire you to take after another well-spoken and classy girl with a knack for breaking out into adventure.This costume is so classic that all you will need is a pair of opaque white tights and a sweet set of black Mary Janes and you have the whole look. Alice’s signature powder-blue short sleeve dress features white lace trim and a matching collar, along with a ruffled apron that ties behind your back. So slide this black ribbon headband over your golden locks, and go down a rabbit hole or two tonight. We won’t tell anyone; and all that paperwork and meeting prep will be waiting for you when you surface!


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