300 Movie Deluxe Themistocles Adult Costume


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History and popular culture don’t always really communicate all that well with each other when it comes to lining out the details of events. It is how fictionalized versions of tales get told, how we know that George Washington had those amazing wooden dentures and proudly proclaimed that he could not lie about the cherry tree and the equally true tale of how Abraham Lincoln worked hard as a vampire slayer in order to save the future! And those tales are ones that are relatively modern compared to the assumptions we make about the stories from even further back! It gets more and more difficult to be sure which tales were actually true.Ancient Greece gives us all sorts of glorious tales of combat and godly interference. Even if you try to ignore the divine intervention of the mighty gods of Mount Olympus, there is still the differences between the epic warriors who staved of threat and saved their countries versus the likely more true tales of political philosophers that may not have ever even seen either side of a spear! But, those tales are hardly worth the telling, especially compared to the epic historical fantasies that might be told of these virtual god-slaying warrior generals who survive insurmountable odds in order to bring glory and honor to their people! And, think of the abdominals!Well, you can pave your own sort of epic tale with this 300 Movie Deluxe Themistocles Adult costume. This velour kilt has an elastic waist for easy fit and sublime comfort as well as an attached faux leather belt and faux pockets. The knit cape has faux leather shoulder straps and flows easily down your body, connecting with a molded vinyl clasp which adheres with the divine power of Velcro. Your shoulder, forearm, and leg guard armor fastens with elastic and Velcro and the iconic molded vinyl helm all work to provide you with all the protection you’ll need to defeat any potential invaders. Chest and torso armor? No! That is for the gods to protect!


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