2 Broke Girls Plus Size Waitress Costume 1X 2X

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Are you ready to bring the hit comedy of CBS to life? We know you love the rowdy and raunchy humor of their hit comedy, 2 Broke Girls, so if you’d like to bring the action from The Williamsburg Diner to your big Halloween get-together, now you’ll be able to do it with this exclusive plus size waitress costume!When you decide to pick up this signature costume, you can be either Max or Caroline. Or you can get two and go with your best friend to become the sitcom tandem team. This costume includes both a Caroline and a Max nametag, so you could even go as one to your first party, and as the other to the next shindig!Made and designed by us, this plus size costume is Warner Brothers officially licensed, and we’ve included all the signature screen details to make this a worthy costume replica. A full length separating zipper runs up the front of the dress, and it features a wide wing collar at the neck. The short sleeves are accented with red cuffs, and red vertical stripes accent the dress. Simply secure the apron around your waist and attach your desired name-badge to complete the costume effect. Accessorize with a brunette wig and boots for Max, or a blonde wig and heels for Caroline (sold separately) and you’ll have this sitcom look down pat. And if there’s any Han Lee types at your big party? Well, everyone always loves a good joke, so you can just make him the punch line!


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