16″ T-Rex Skeleton

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THE MEANING OF TYRANNOSAURDid you know that a Tyrannosaurus and a Tyrannosaur aren’t exactly the same thing? Nope!? Well, the -us means we’re talking about a specific creature. The other is just the family of several different dinosaurs named, generally, for being truly massive predator lizards of ancient times.But, if tyranno means “tyrant,” does it even have to be huge? What about when the Tyrannosaurus Rex is just a little baby? Is it not what it is because it is so small? Or is it named after a tyrant more because of its cruel and oppressive behavior!?PRODUCT DETAILSWe think we’ve figured out the truth of the Tyrant Lizard, but you can still provide some crucial evidence when you bring home this 16″ T-Rex Skeleton. This cute and terrifying little skeletal figure is designed after the full-blown Tyrannosaurus Rex. Place this to guard your books, manage your mantel, or just be a brooding brute on the coffee table. Perfect for any event or your everyday life! A TINY LITTLE TYRANTIt’s quite a bit smaller than the regular ones, but whether it was shrunk by science or it is just a baby, you’ll quickly learn what kind of impact even a diminutive Tyrannosaur can have on your abode. Fortunately, he’s already housetrained!


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